Reference projects

Magnetron case for "Large Synoptic Reconnaissance Telescope (LSST)"

Magnetron cases for "Large Synoptic Reconnaissance Telescope (LSST)"

STREICHER supplied magnetron cases for a special coating chamber. The coating chamber is part of a Deposition Sputtering System used in the development of a Large Synoptic Reconnaissance Telescope (LSST), which has a special mirror design, creating an exceptionally large field of view.
The telescope is positioned on the Cerro-Pachen back in the central north of Chile and will clarify questions about the structure and development of the universe.

Project HELCZA

Project HELCZA

STREICHER was involved in the production of equipment for the testing of the ITER thermonuclear fusion reactor. This project was presented together with Czech companies NUVIA and DEL at the 29th Symposium of Fusion Technology.

Project DUBNA

Project DUBNA

STREICHER is a supplier of vacuum chambers and components for JINR (Joint Institute of Nuclear Research), an international intergovernmental scientific organisation focused on experimental and theoretical research in the field of nuclear and particle physics. The Institute is situated in Dubna, near Moscow in the Russian Federation.

Laser Beam Distribution System for Laser center HILASE

Project HILASE

STREICHER realised a laser beam distribution system for the laser center HILASE in Dolní Břežany. Apart from an FEM analysis, the project includes the manufacturing, testing, delivery and installation of the system itself. 
This technical system makes it possible to distribute different laser beams all around HiLase building. The system allows laser beam connection between different points where laser beam is generated and an experimental station where laser beam is used.
The contract included the delivery of different vacuum chambers for optomechanical mirrors, filters and vacuum pipes in dimensions of DN 160 and DN 200 mm including a mechanical support system. The operation vacuum is 10-2 mbar. The whole laser beam system is installed in a clean room ISO7 according to EN ISO 14644-1.

Project the ELI Beamlines facility: Compressor L1

Compressor L1

STREICHER produces vacuum chambers and components for the international laser center ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany. These are special constructions - vacuum chambers for the optomechanical distribution of laser beams as well as vacuum compressor chambers.

Project the ELI Beamlines facility: L2 Amos beamline vacuum chambers

Laser 2 Amos beamline vacuum chambers

STREICHER develops, tests and supplies vacuum chambers for L2 Amos beamline lasers to come into operation. This special laser beamline system makes it possible to generate ultrashort pulses.
Operating vacuum: 10-9 mbar.

Project the ELI Beamlines facility: Compressor L3

Compressor L3

Our company was sigificantly involved in the manufacturing of a big customised chamber for the largest laser pulse compressor as well as the manufacturing of a vacuum chamber for the beam injector for the ELI Beamlines L3 high-average power short-pulse PW laser. STREICHER carried out the detail engineering, FEM analysis, testing and delivery.
The outer dimensions of the compressor are approx. 5.1 (length) x 2.6 (width) x 2.7 (height) m. The operation vacuum is 10-7 mbar. The cleanliness parameter has been prepared and maintained to a standard of surface cleanliness compatible with demanding performance requirements for minimal release of particulates and volatiles.
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Project the ELI Beamlines facility: Compressor L4

Compressor L4

The portfolio of STREICHER includes a vacuum compressor, which is a part of the L4 Aton beamline - designed to generate an unprecedented peak power of 10 PW. Compressor weighs more than 65 tons and measures 4 meters in height and 18 meters in length. The range of services comprises detail engineering design, FEM analysis, testing and delivery.

Chamber for insulation testing and partial discharge measurement

Chamber for insulation testing and partial discharge measurement

STREICHER develops vacuum chambers for testing of electronic devices in dry compressed air. These chambers work semi-automatically and quickly, are equipped with a compressed air exhaust silencer for noise reduction and are easy in operation.

This type of chambers replaces the previous model where the tests were carried out with SF6 greenhouse gas, the use of which is increasingly regulated by the European Union for environmental reasons.
The range of services covers every step from development to delivery – so this project belongs to the category of turnkey projects of STREICHER.

Hydraulic press 420T

STREICHER supplied hydraulic press with a bottom drive and pressing force of 420 tons. The press is operated within a 24-hour serial production line. Design of machine, among other things, includes optimization of service operations and fatigue analysis according to EN 1993-1-9.