We are proud to announce the launch of the S-Cube modular vacuum chamber system

For the last three decades, we have gained extensive experience and knowledge in the design and development of special vacuum equipment for various industries.


So, nowadays we are able to create a design proposal, evaluate the design by means of stress-strain analysis and manufacture and supply turn-key solutions to all kinds of companies, from startups to technology’s most trusted global companies with technically demanding products in every corner of the world. Complex projects have given us an understanding of the challenges faced by customers in various industries and research fields.  One of those challenges was the time-consuming process of developing and manufacturing a vacuum chamber for diverse applications. Our goal was to deliver a controlled vacuum space with possible modification throughout the course of individual experimental procedures without the need to purchase a new chamber.

In most cases, standard vacuum process chambers are manufactured by welding connecting elements and flanges in fixed positions to stainless steel or aluminum walls. If the shape or position of the vacuum chamber or the shape or size of individual connecting flanges require modification, it is necessary to manufacture the vacuum chamber once again using a new requirements specification document. Our concept of S-Cube modular vacuum chambers enables modification of the chamber by replacing only some of the walls or by adding another extension module. Thus, there is no need to manufacture a new chamber and the cost of acquiring such a new vacuum chamber is substantially reduced.

For more information on S-Cube: www.scubechamber.com

Build your own vacuum chamber with the help of our configurator

To provide customers with the shortest possible way of achieving an optimal vacuum chamber design, our team worked on launching a new configurator website. Thanks to this tool, the customer can now easily equip removable walls with a wide range of built-in accessories, integrate an optical table, define vacuum performance and improve appearance with luminous showglass. All variants are immediately displayed in a preview which can be exported to PDF for proofing and discussion. The configurator easily guides the customer through all the parameters and at any step of the process, the visitor can view the assembled model from three sides.

Configure your own chamber here: www.scubechamber.com/configuration/#/

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