Reference Projects

Laser Beam Distribution System for HiLASE Laser Centre Prague

STREICHER carried out the detailed design, FEM analysis, testing and installation of the laser beam distribution system for the HiLASE Laser Centre in Dolni Brezany. ​

This technical system makes it possible to distribute different laser beams all around the HiLase building. The system allows laser beam connection between different points where laser beams are generated and an experimental station where laser beams are used. ​

The contract included the delivery of different vacuum chambers for optomechanical mirrors, filters, vacuum pipes with dimensions DN 160 and DN 200 and a mechanical support system. The entire laser beam system is installed in a clean room ISO7 according to EN ISO 14644-1.​

Project Details:​

  • Laser beam distribution​
  • Delivery including vacuum pumping and system communication with laser control​
  • Vacuum pipes and bellows in total length of 50 meters​
  • Total length of control system cables: 1,100 m​
  • Total number of assembled components: 9,374​
  • On site installation of the complete assembly in cleanroom​
  • Structural and harmonic FEM simulation and evaluation ​