Pumping Simulation and Vacuum Calculation

Pumping Simulation and Vacuum Calculation

We use proven software for vacuum calculation based on equations flow in vacuum, used by scientific laboratories as well as industrial companies. Simulation of vacuum assemblies enables us, to accurately size the pump system. Then we are able to establish balance between vacuum depth, pumping time, dimensions and performance of vacuum pumps while processing the design concept. Vacuum systems are highly sensitive to a wide range of factors which significantly affect the performance of the vacuum system. As part of the calculations we create a model that includes a vacuum chamber, connecting pipes, checking surface degassing load and permeation through seals or other elements as well as the vacuum pump performance including pump characteristics. We verify simulations in real conditions to obtain feedback to refine our results.

Applications and outputs of pumping simulations:

  • Creation of vacuum system models
  • Pumping simulation and dimensioning of the vacuum system
  • Creating graphs showing vacuum depth according to time and pumping performance
  • Preparation of studies allowing rapid parametric adjustment of computational models to find optimal solutions
  • Digitalisation of vacuum pump characteristics for more accurate simulation and control

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