Reference Projects

L4 10PW Laser Beam Distribution for ELI Beamlines CZ​

L4 10PW laser beam distribution transfer laser pulse from the L4 10PW compressor to the E3 experimental hall and for diagnostics of the 10PW beam.​

The system involves 6 node chambers which will accommodate plane mirrors reflecting the 650 x 650 mm laser beam along the optical path into the desired destination.​

Two laser beam distribution chambers are located in a clean room ISO7 in the facility ELI Beamlines. The two chambers of this distribution are made of aluminium alloy. The aluminium chambers are welded from 20 to 80 mm thick sheets. They contain a large number of precision flanges.​

Project Details:​

  • All chambers and tubing meet RGA requirements.
  • The interior spaces comply with the ISO 5 cleanliness standard​
  • The total volume of the vacuum space is 63 m3
  • Node chambers: CH1, CH2, CH3 and CH4​
  • Chamber of the diagnostic telescope: CH-DT​
  • Tubing segments TS0, TS1, TS2A, TS2B, TS2C, TS3, TS4 and TSDT​
  • Tubing segment supports TSS1, TSS2, TSS3, TSS4 and TSSD​
  • Tubing adaptor to the P3 chamber TAP3