Practical education and training for pupils and students at vocational secondary schools and apprentice training centers

Antonín in interview

Antonín is currently as a trainee at STREICHER and spoke to us about his experiences:

Can you tell us about your schooling?
I went to primary school in Stenovice where I attended a technical playgroup under the guidance of Master of Vocational Training Jan Marek from STREICHER and now I am at the Secondary Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering in Pilsen.

How did training meet your expectations and what did you learn?
I must admit that at the very beginning I did not know what to expect or what training would look like. But then I found out. Now, I can drill, grind, do pre-assembly work and weld. Of course, it was not easy but at STREICHER senior colleagues understand that we are newcomers and they always are willing to help and explain everything.

In your opinion, what is the atmosphere at STREICHER?
The training centre has an excellent atmosphere in terms of master-trainee relationships. I can always count on the advice of our master. I also get along well with everyone in the workplace.