Manufacturing of Vacuum Chambers

Manufacturing of Vacuum Chambers

Our team of engineers, project managers and manufacturing experts will guide you through the entire process starting from design until on-site assembly.

Through experience gained by working on projects for different industries with high technical standards, we are able to carry out technologically advanced projects in the field of vacuum and pressure technologies up to a unit weight of 64 tons.
Aside from mechanical parts we are able to realise and integrate various mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components into vacuum chambers.

  • Used Materials:
    Due to the manufacturing of vacuum chambers we refer to a wide variety of materials:
    carbon steels, low-alloy steels, highly alloyed austenic stainless and heat-resistant steels, cryogenic steels, aluminium materials
  • Precise Geometrical Tolerances:
    Utilising CNC-machine equipment, our company performs machining after welding to achieve high geometrical tolerances.
  • Vacuum Parameters:
    High vacuum can be achieved even for large chambers of complex shapes. High vacuum parameters are achieved by using special inner surface treatment.
  • Quality Assurance of Vacuum Chambers:
    In addition to leak testing, we provide a number of non-destructive tests performed during manufacturing by qualified personnel in accordance with relevant standards (EN, ČSN, DIN).

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