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Questions to Lukáš

After completing his training at STREICHER, Lukáš decided to start studying at a university. We asked Lukáš what led him to this decision?

How did you benefit from training at STREICHER?
Training provided me with an insight into the company. I had the chance to try out different production processes, from locksmithing to machining, tool preparation, dimension control and assembly. Thanks to my focus on machining, I gained the most experience on lathes and milling machines.

What was your typically working day like?
At the beginning of each working day, the master assigned me my work and we talked together about the technological process. During the day the master checked my work and gave me advice. The finished product was first inspected by me and then approved by the master. Then I could start another job.

Why did you decide to study at university and what specialisation did you choose?
I decided to go to university due to better job prospects, higher financial rewards and broader as well as more professional knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering.
I study CNC Programming and Manufacturing at the Department of Machining Technology, University of West Bohemia.