Reference Projects

ALIMAT-F Vacuum Chamber for IPP Prague ​

The ALIMAT-F chamber is used for material testing in higher temperatures. 12 IR heaters are divided into three independently controlled segments with total power of 6 kW. The delivery included IR heaters, flexible temperature sensors and radiation shields. Three layers of radiation shields were integrated. Inner shield was moreover silver coated to increase an emissivity. ​

FEM thermal simulation was performed in advance to simulate temperature distribution in the system. Temperature on the tested part was then verified during real time testing. Temperature of 500 °C was achieved on tested sample with external wall temperature 32 °C without active insulation. Vacuum level of 1x10-7 mbar was achieved even at full heating power.​

Project Details:​

  • Silver coated radiation shields and IR heaters on vacuum side​
  • Complete assembly contains nearly 9,000 components​
  • Various CF flanges and multiple flexible thermocouples​
  • Temperature of 500 °C on tested sample with external wall temperature 32 °C​
  • Vacuum level of 1x10-7 mbar at operating conditions