Vacuum, Pressure and Nondestructive Testing

Vacuum Tests

As a manufacturer of special machines and equipment in the field of vacuum technology, we offer leak detection services and their location in vacuum systems. Our employees are certified according to EN ISO 9712 and hold Level II certification. Vacuum tests are performed according to EN 1779 using the latest devices. The type and appropriate sensitivity of the testing is chosen according to criteria set by the customer. If required, our specialists work out the best procedure and test method in close cooperation with our customers. We issue vacuum test protocols in Czech, English, German and Russian language.

Pressure Tests
Apart from vacuum testing, we also provide pressure testing according to ČSN 690010 – especially for the following plants: pressure equipment, vessels, cooling circuits etc.

The following types of pressure tests are possible:

  • Hydraulic (medium - liquid)
  • Pneumatic (medium - air or inert gas)

Test results are recorded in pressure test reports which are then provided to the customer as part of complete protocol documentation.

Non-destructive tests (NDT)
Our non-destructive tests include: ultrasound, electromagnetic and penetration methods, direct visual and indirect visual inspection, endoscope, X-ray tests and ultrasonic wall thickness measurement. Our employees are certified according to EN ISO 9712 and hold Level II certification. We perform these methods according to applicable regulations and directives such as AD Factsheet, ASME Code, European and ISO standards. Our activities range from specification and testing to evaluation and documentation.

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