Vacuum Ranges

Vacuum Ranges

The previously carried out plants and components extend through several types of vacuum technologies. Also experience with clean workplace environments is included. In the range of seals we use a wide range of polymer seals varying in size and material. We also have experience with special polymer seals intended for use at higher temperatures or with modified surfaces for better sealing properties. Moreover, we produce and assemble standardised and custom-made metal seals.

Vacuum ranges and examples of application:

  • Low vacuum (LV): 1×105 to 3×103 Pa – food industry and others
  • Medium vacuum (MV): 3×103 to 1×10-1 Pa – vacuum arc remelting, vacuum plasma sputtering, metallurgy and drug production, polyurethane treatment, vacuum casting, vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporators, vacuum furnaces, vacuum hardening, cementation, nitriding equipment and others
  • High vacuum (HV): 1×10-1 to 1×10-7 Pa – contamination sensitive devices, laser chambers, electrical insulating elements, measuring equipment, less demanding coating equipment, electron beam welding and more
  • Ultra-high vacuum (UHV): 1×10-7 to 1×10-10 Pa – optical devices, X-ray sources, electron spectroscopy, thermal desorption spectroscopy, thin film formation, photoemission spectroscopy, particle accelerators, gravity wave detectors, ion capture, scanning tunnelling microscopy, electron lithography and other demanding applications

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