Cleaning and Assembly in Clean Room

Assembly, Testing and Clean Room Packaging

We have the capability of cleaning and final assembly of components or units in the clean room ISO Class 6 and ISO Class 8 according to ISO EN 14644-1, e.g. going into high vacuum or other sensitive environments under cleanroom conditions when it is required by customer.


  • Controlled-environment clean room assembly for semiconductor industry, nanotechnology and laser technologies
  • Routine compliance with ISO 6 (class 1,000) and ISO 8 standards (class 100,000)
  • Temperature and humidity are computer controlled to ensure precise manufacturing and assembly
  • All test data is documented and saved

Assembly of components and systems in clean rooms of ISO Class 6 and 8 according to EN ISO 14644-1

STREICHER has around 800 m3 of clean room with a vast 6.6 m ceiling height. These dimensions allow to fit up assembly groups of up to 10 tons by using a gantry crane. The clean room comprises several separate rooms, grey room for pre-cleaning and a gowning area.

To ensure absolute cleanliness, we verify cleanliness levels using different types of tests.

Testing methods include:

  • Particle count
  • Wipe testing
  • Testing with UV/white light
  • Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)
  • Non-volatile Residue (NVR) Testing

Clean room packaging

All products are packaged acc. to cleanliness conformity to achieve the cleanliness of the product during the transportation to the customer and possible storage of these products on the customer’s premises.